layered boards-beech, 8kg, length: 106 cm / height: 115 cm / width: 27 cm including wheels, diameter: top 6cm / bottom 9 cm, distance between trucks 60cm

In 2013, with the help of the architect Alexander Karaivanov, I was able to produce an exact copy of the branch. First, a 3D model was created, which was then cut out of laminated beechwood plates in an L-shape, using a CNC milling machine. The shapes were then sanded and treated with wood oil. The process required roughly 60 hours of work, consisting of 20-30 hours of scanning, modeling and machine preparation, 6 hours of cutting and laminating, and about 24 hours of milling. The prototype was produced at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.


During the trial period of roughly one year, the copy broke twice. The first fracture occurred while riding when the rear wheels were blocked by an obstacle and the handle was simultaneously pushed forward with both hands, creating a sharp point that could have easily caused injury! Luckily, nothing happened! After the first incident, the object was simply glued back together and tested further. It broke the second time while I was demonstrating how to jump in front of an audience. A loud crack and I landed on my butt!! I was met with laughter, and the clone had broken in two!! After this, I glued it a second time, the splices are now more stable than the wood itself (it cannot break twice in the same place)! The trials were a success, showing both that it is possible to manufacture a functioning copy, as well as revealing room for improvement.